Dave had exclusive access to over 40 hours of operations to separate twin boys Derman and Yigit, joined at the head. Edited by Matthew Welham. VO Victoria Macdonald.

“Dave did an amazing job following the surgeons and family over 6 months – he blended into the background and got such amazing moments in the surgery.”
Louise Turner, Commissioning Editor, Channel 4 News.

“It’s absolutely extraordinary, this film. An extraordinary story and an extraordinary testament to you that half way through the operation the surgeon turns to you and says your name. It was a moment that showed the imtamacy you had with him. I was literally sobbing like a baby watching that. Absolutely amazing, extraordinary.”
Ben De Pear, Editor, Channel 4 News.

“What a brilliant piece of journalism and such a deeply moving report. Wow – well done Dave and Matt. Beautiful film.”
Louisa Compton, Head of News and Current Affairs, Channel 4.

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